US Hospital Finder: Springbrook Behavioral Syst


Name: Springbrook Behavioral Syst

Address: One Havenwood Lane Travelers Rest, SC 29690-1005

Phone: 864-834-8013

Number of Beds: 88

Type: Investor-owned (for profit)



JCAHO Accredited

Warning: Always call 911 in the case of emergency. Always call the hospital to confirm its location, hours of operation and services before heading to the hospital.

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  • Patient Education Center
  • Psychiatric Care

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Most recent patient reviews:
On Sun May 12 15:12:21 +0000 2013, debbie posted the following review:

filthy brag about 30 years in business well they have not cleaned or remodeled in 30yrs as well. went there to get help for depression within the first day realized this was not the place for me or anyone with a beating heart for that matter.When i expressed my concern about leaving to quack Dr Sanchez he told me he would commit me if i tried to leave. Well game on. i know my rights. wrote letter to administrator next day expressing that i wanted to leave. next day i was told Sanchez put 72hr hold on me ah no way i called in my troops i was being packed within the hour. 3 days of torture. they say individualized counsuling no does not happen they have group " how do you feel today?" ah i feel dirty and itchy you? staff there condesending, texting, ignoramus idiots whom in my opinion should be held on 72hr hold for observation so full of themselves except for clancy a true gentlemen. Food well if you dont mind eating cardboard and fighting off roachs you will be fine. If you smoke they will lead you to believe you will have that privilege but they fail to tell you it is 1 or 3x a day 2 cigs at a time if staff feels like it. Gazebo,Pond sounds idyllic right well you wont see that either staff too lazy to walk you down there and you are locked in this hole so you cant go yourself.Jill will be your welcome wagon so nice at first will diagnose you dont realyl know her credentials, but she will answer her cell phone the whole time she is doing intake ( real professional) I have never been in a facility before and will never do this to myself again. What makes me even madder and sadder there are young children in there put there by their parents they do not realize their children are not getting the help they need they are nothing but dollar signs to these people. Get your family member out of there and get proactive with them to ensure they get the proper help this is not the place for them. BBB Score D check for yourself i wish i did before i went here.

Activity Fields: Expansive lawns surrounding the facility provide the ideal location for multiple outdoor activities. Residents may also enjoy a peaceful walk around the fishing pond or rest by the waterside gazebo. BS never will see and you are locked in so you can not walk anywhere

On Sat Jan 12 03:56:07 +0000 2013, Joley posted the following review:

Scary place. My child was nearly killed here by a staff member.

On Sat Jan 12 03:53:39 +0000 2013, anon custo posted the following review:

Horrable abuses happen here. Don't trust yourchild in these peoples care. Drugging children up to the point of shakiness and or drowsiness and have abusive staff.

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