US Hospital Finder: Kindred Hospital-Oklahoma City-North Robinson


Name: Kindred Hospital-Oklahoma City-North Robinson

Address: 1407 North Robinson Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Phone: 405-232-8000

Number of Beds: 0




Warning: Always call 911 in the case of emergency. Always call the hospital to confirm its location, hours of operation and services before heading to the hospital.

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Most recent patient reviews:
On Sun Feb 14 16:42:54 +0000 2016, Tammy posted the following review:

My sister was here to recover and rehab from numerous health issues. She was on her way and doing well, (off ventilator, feeding tube, doing physical rehab, and was completely stable) when sent from the regular hospital. I arrived 2 months after she was admitted and was devastated by her condition. I live on the other side of the country so wasn't able to go sooner. My 3 day visit was extended to nearly 2 weeks. Her bed was filthy, covered in body fluids and dirty hospital implements. She was left to lay directly on the vinyl bed, instead of having pads regularly placed and replaced. Nobody would come to the room for hours on end to check on her. She was diabetic and on a feeding tube (for two months! After the hospital said it was time to put her on solid foods). The liquid nutrition was mostly sugar (for a diabetic?!?!). Staff was abusing her (she acted terrified when certain ones entered the room and eventually told me). Nobody washed her hair the entire time she was there. She was so poorly cared for, she had numerous deep bed sores that eventually went to the bone. Due to dirty practices, she ended up with a systemic yeast infection, was exposed to MRSA, and other complications. There was a test done and the specialist didn't want to answer our questions, but did yell at us, basically calling us stupid. She was sent from the hospital to finish healing so she could go home. Instead, after filing a major complaint, she was sent back to the main hospital, where she died a few short weeks later.

On Wed Feb 06 15:21:21 +0000 2013, sam jones posted the following review:

The workers are lazy and yell at the aunt told me and i turned them in but not sure if it got better after she left.They stand around with their cellphones and do not do what is needed!!!!!!If you have no other option to put them there then VISIT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND LOOK AROUND YOU WILL SEE.THE MORE YOU ARE THERE THE LESS LIKELY THEY WILL BE MISTREATED

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