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Name: Hospital for Extended Recovery

Address: 600 Gresham Drive
Suite 700 Norfolk, VA 23507

Phone: 757-388-1700

Number of Beds: 35

Type: Investor-owned (for profit)



Warning: Always call 911 in the case of emergency. Always call the hospital to confirm its location, hours of operation and services before heading to the hospital.

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Most recent patient reviews:
On Tue Sep 14 14:37:21 +0000 2010, Margaret Leyes posted the following review:

I was a patoent there for just under a month and during that time I tried very hard to get out. The CNA's were for the most pary very rude, lazy and without compassion. I was given meds that werenot explained in fact they, the nurses refused to tell me. One of the meds made me halusinate acording to my visitors. I spent very little time out of bed and when I asked for some exercise it wsn't there. Only three times diring my stay did they put me in a wheel chair and than only for 15 to 30 minutes. The food was more than terrible and usually cool to cold. The doctor which visited me fairly frequently usually only asked me how I feel, when I gave him a negative reponse he did nothing.My advice to anyone who is told that theey are sending you there DON'T GO. A doctor at VB General pushed me to go saying it was for rehab and special oxygen capabnilities, BULL

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