US Hospital Finder: Cornerstone Hosp of Houston


Name: Cornerstone Hosp of Houston

Address: 709 Medical Center Boulevard Webster, TX 77598

Phone: 281-332-3322

Number of Beds: 149

Type: Investor-owned (for profit)



JCAHO Accredited

Warning: Always call 911 in the case of emergency. Always call the hospital to confirm its location, hours of operation and services before heading to the hospital.

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Most recent patient reviews:
On Wed Sep 09 13:08:17 +0000 2015, CORNERTOMBSTONE posted the following review:

This place is nothing more than a dumping ground for doctor’s failures & mistakes. When a doctor gives up trying to help someone, they send them here to die instead of just telling us the truth. This hospital should be renamed TOMBSTONE or CORNERTOMBSTONE, because it is just a HOSPICE in disguise. First hour that we arrived there, they were pushing us very hard to sign up for hospice, or as they call it CONFORT CARE, because they do not want you to know that it is really hospice. They were not attentive at all in the ICU and ignored patient’s pleas for help. We were told we are lucky she is in ICU because if put in the other rooms, she would be getting no attention at all. This hospital even tried to get us to sign up for their hospice AFTER our loved one had just passed, when we refused, they told us we had less than 4 hours to get her out of there, like as if they are going to get a huge commission for killing them off and need the space for the next victim. Obama Care is truly at work here already, with the death panels that everyone dismissed as bogus and nonsense. Every hospital is now pushing this too. If you or a loved one gets sick, you had better get them out of this country as fast as possible, and find a real hospital, because these “one stared” reviews listed here below on this website are very accurate and typical of this place, TOMBSTONE.

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